ニュー・アルバム 異世界からの旋律 Noises Out of Space


We are “KADATH”
Japanese Progressive Rock Band
Our 2nd Album “RENGOKU GAKUDAN The Band of Purgatory” was released in Sep,2016
KADATH 2nd album “RENGOKU GAKUDAN -The Band of Purgatory-“
This is 2nd album by KADATH,consists of four members.They adopt a theme from “purgatory”,where dyings is assigned heaven and hell.They call themselves “the band of purgatory”,and they expressed “unknown world” as this total album by “the reaper” or “the ogre” tunes etc, which contains elements of progressive rock and hard rock,as disordered beat, poly-rhythms,tunes without vocal.This album contains a vocal tunes as “Drying up-traveller”,too. 

KADATH is made by Hiromi Sugawara,who plays guitar,computer operation,making composition,in 2009.He named his band “KADATH”,which is land of fancy,quoted from the work of Lovecraft,who is favourite writer for Sugawara.The band plays about 12 times/year in Yamaguchi prefecture,Japan,and performs on local TV.The band published 1st album by themselves.Their tunes almost have no vocal parts,and they are arranged,titled by Sugawara.Their music sounds like past works of progressive rock by various artists,but light,sharp,and hard sound than them.Without Sugawara,the band’s member is Taiji Yagi,who plays bass guitar and vocals,Takashi “Hatasu” Itoh,who plays drums and electric percussions,Koji Ishii,who plays keyboads,saxophones,stick and making lyrics.